How it all began

I must have been around 5 or 6 years old when I first stepped into that building. I don't even remember it that well but I do remember how great the environment I was in felt. I still remember learning the English alphabet as a song and having fun, making friends. It always felt good to be there.

Things that I learned 

In the 11 years I spent in this Institute I learnt a plethora of things and values. First and foremost I learnt the importance of respect and equality. Also in most recent years I learnt what the word perseverance means. I learnt that success is not a one-step process. I learnt that in order to achieve massive success one must endure and learn from massive failures. I learnt that talent, money and knowledge are not enough if you don't put the appropriate work in. I now know that in order to do something that I truly want to do in my life, I cannot give up and I have to always keep trying and learning after every failure. There is always room for improvement and everyone should strive for it.

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